5 Ideas to Make Your Room Aesthetic

For a lot of people, it's back to school season ! This time of year can bring about a lot of change. New room ? City ? State ? Country ? Or simply looking to re-imagine your area. We’re here to give you a couple ideas or maybe spark a few of your own. 

  1. Paper Flowers: You probably expected this one, but can you really blame us ? Though natural flowers are just as beautiful, their life span is limited. Paper flowers come in all types of sizes, shapes and colors, working as an individual piece or as a larger set. They are workable on a variety of surfaces, allowing you to decorate your door, windows, walls and all the space within them. Whether arranged in neat rows, scattered, or a customized pattern, paper flowers have the potential to bring a natural vibe, where natural flowers couldn’t survive. 

  1. Paintings: Whether they’re bought or created, paintings make for a lovely decoration. There are many talented creatives who’ve mastered techniques and utilize a keen eye, buying from them not only supports their work, but leaves you within a work of art. On the other hand, why not take up the brush yourself ? We recommend picking up a canvas, a brush set, and some good quality paint, either online or at a local store. Then, you can simply paint what comes to mind, follow an instructional video, possibly paint something special to you, or maybe even take the time to watch the sunset. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll have something fresh to add to your room.

  1. Lighting: Changing the lighting can do a lot for a room. Whether it be from yellow to white bulbs. Switches to dimmers. Stringing around fairy lights. Or upgrading to smart bulbs. Lights can change the entire atmosphere in a room. Most smart bulbs, while more costly, give you the ability to control the lights from your phone. Some smart bulbs even have color changing options, allowing you to adjust the lighting to fit your mood or just add some flare to the atmosphere. While pricey, our personal favorites are the Nanoleaf Aurora Light Panels, acting as a futuristic decoration and an excellent way to set the atmosphere, the lights can even react to music. Though, our best deal goes to fairy lights and entry level hue lights, such as Monster Illumination.

  1. Photographs: A classic decoration. Pictures can provide a more personal touch to your room. Reminding you of memories of people, locations, or experiences. Photos can be framed, displayed loose on the wall, arranged on a board or grid, and have so much potential to improve your room. You can print your photos your local CVS, whether it be smart phone or DSLR. For a vintage aesthetic, pick up a disposable camera, instant camera, or film camera. 

  1. Clothing: While mainly acting as a way to express yourself, your clothing can make for a unique addition to your room. Instead of keeping all your clothes inside a wardrobe, closet, or drawer, you can choose certain pieces to be displayed in the room. We recommend a hanging rail (which can also act as a shelf) or simply a clothing rack that fits the look of your room. 

Those were our five recommendations on how to bring something new to your space. Hopefully they sparked some creativity within you ~ Sorry for the inactivity, but we'll be bringing more regularly scheduled content in the near future !